Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"Missions Are Called of God"

So, everyone's excited for my mission, my family, members and non-member friends.
Some are like, "Oh you're going to England?! That's so awesome. Make sure to take lots of pictures at the Big Ben or The Tube etc, etc, etc."

I know. I am going there for a specific purpose, "to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end".

Yesterday, I got into a FB mission group ( and there's a sister who asked if where did we want to go and where did we end up being called.

I pondered onmyself. Yeah, in my previous blog post, I didn't tell where specifically I wanted to go, because I really don't know. What I said there was that I wanna serve my fellow Asians. And Asians can be found all over the globe.

Looking back, aside from Chile Rancagua Mission (yes I'm David Archuleta's fan :D) I wanted to go to Hogwarts Mission! So this is what I replied on her question:
 I wanted to go to Hogwarts Mission (I thought there's a mission like that one when I was young  ) and then I gave up.
I dreamed to go to the Temple Square Mission. 

I got my call before Christmas and I am going to the England London Mission. 
I testify that long before we submitted our papers, our mission has already been assigned by the Lord! He knows us even  before we were born. He has a plan for us and for the people who need us.

I remember Elder Rasband's talk The Divine Call of a Missionary in April 2010's General Conference.

                                                    That's the link of his talk.

                                        And then I saw this on Pinterest.

Wherever we are called, whether stateside or foreign, the Lord wants us to be THERE.
We are going to serve the Lord through His children. It's the people not the place.

I am already loving the English people even though I haven't met them yet. Through researching, (thanks to I found some blogs of missionaries serving in the England London Mission including my mission president's wife's blog! Yayyy!
I am loving this couple through every blog that I read. He is surely called of God!

I can't wait to meet him and his lovely wife. I can't wait to experience all those stated on my fellow missionaries blogs!

Heavenly Father loves us.
I can't wait to represent the Savior in London!

49 more days until I report! :)

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