Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Late Email

Sorry, we just got back from the stake barbecue activity...(grab the opportunity while the sun lasts).☀☀☀🍔🍔🍔

Dear Family and Friends,

First of all, I want to congratulate my friends back home who got their mission calls! Sister Duking in the Washington Tacoma, Sister Phoebe Biolena in the Phils. Cauayan and Sister Princess Biolena in the Phils. Cebu missions. So proud of y'all!!! 👏

Our week has been so great. I know how to pray now in Latvian, Lithuanian, and Portuguese. Hahaha. Be proud of me. Lol

We've had exchanges this week and I stayed here in King's Lynn with Sister Ferrell. YES, THE ONE AND ONLY SISTER FERRELL!!! Yeah, my second companion in Kettering. I miss her so much! We've had a blast that day. I love it. 😀

Guess who came to church yesterday? Yes, our investigators/friends (we don't really use the word "investigators" in our mission, we use "friends" rather") ...also my favourite family that we've been teaching since I came in this area attended church again yesterday, they're the one who are quiet less-active members. They've been coming to church regularly now and the twin boys are getting the Aaronic priesthood next week!!! Ahhhh. And our friend from Angola who's getting ready to be baptised next month invited his friend to church and to learn more of the gospel! I just love these moments. I will definitely miss the people here, so bad!

One particular miracle that I want to share with you happened the other day. We received a referral. To be quite honest, most of the time, throughout my time here in the field, all the referral that I encountered through that source are all pranks. But we visited and contacted him anyways. I should have more faith though because he turned out to be one of those "golden" people that I've ever met. (I already repented in case you're wondering :D) he came to us at the barbecue today and will come to church this Sunday!!!

Para as mga Pinoy kong kaibigan lamang:
(Yes Nico, kinapi paste ko yung chismis ko sayo haha. Pasensya tamad mag-type eh) Yung area ko ngayon ay sa King's Lynn, Norfolk. I google niyo yung Sandringham House/Estate. Malapit lang yun sa amin. Isa yan sa mga bahay ng mga dugong bughaw. Nung Sabado, nasa area na yan kami. Naglalakad kami and ang super init so nag decide kami ng companion ko na mag bili ng maiinom sa isang local shop, medyo maliit lang yung shop, kasi nasa village eh. Guess kung sinong naabutan naming namimili aside sa dalawang matanda na customer din? Si Kate Middleton! Homaygas. Nakakaloka! Sobrang simple nya teh. Naka jeans lang ang lola mo and naka pony tail. And sobrang ganda ng ante mo. Well...may bodyguards nga lang.

Til next week,
Sister Ordanza

Norwich and Ipswich (combined Cambridge and Colchester)
zone conference

Because we love selfies...

Us with Brother John, we love him so much!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

The past week!!

The other one was supposed to be for the previous week. I apologise!

Dear Family and Friends,

Oh my goodness! We've had a great week full of miracles! Seriously.
I don't even know where to start. Lol
Yesterday, we've had a stake conference and I felt the spirit so strong.

We tried working on our potential investigators section in our area
book. We found a name that says they are from Portugal. We called them
and set an appointment with them.

We didn't have much time finding while we were on our way there, but
we found two amazing people from Kenya and Nigeria. They are coming to
church this Sunday. We were 10 minutes late on our appointment...but
we found a family of seven!!! Oh dear. They are so amazing. Because of
that, me and my companion are learning how to pray in Portuguese and
some missionary discussions in Portuguese.

I testify that every people will hear the gospel in their own tongue
and Heavenly Father prepares people in our path as we rely solely on

This is a great work to be engaged in!

Next week,
Sister Ordanza

One of my favourite young woman in the ward. #PolkaPower

Our zone PDay. I changed my outfit already son don't judge me. :p 


Cha and my dearest brother, happy birthday sa inyong dalawa!

Dear Family and Friends,

Belated happy Mother's Day po sa inyo, mga ina or sa inyong mga ina! :)

We've had a really great week. The highlight of it was yesterday at
church. All our investigators that we've been meeting attended to
church again. Ahhhhh!!!!
And also, my favourite less-active family that we've been visiting
came to church. It is so amazing to see these people interact with
other members of the ward and most of all, to feel the spirit as they
partake of the sacrament.

Our relationship with the ward is so great. They have been coming with
us, whether we're street contacting or teaching! We are also teaching
our investigators in their homes!

I do hope that you offer your homes to the missionaries to teach their
investigators there as well. There is a special spirit as we visit a
home full of love and the gospel.

One particular miracle that I wanna share on this weekly letter is
about one of our current investigators.

We met him on the bus on our way back home. He has been to church
around 2001 with his mum. Because his mum stopped coming to church and
meeting with the missionaries, they lost contact with them. Imagine
his surprise when he saw us on the bus after 14 years! We settled a
return appointment with him. The day after we met him, around 9:30am,
his dad was severely ill. (We didn't know about it until
today.)10:30am, the same day, we send him a text message saying how
grateful we were that we met him, that we are excited to meet him
again and that Heavenly Father knows him and loves him perfectly. He
told us, that day he recognised that God is real and that someone
cares and loves him.
Bonus point: he attended seminary 14 years ago!!!!

This experiences make me motivated to work hard, to find those that
are struggling in their way to know God. I know that our real purpose
here on this earth is to be prepared to come back home, to where our
Father in Heaven and our Saviour resides.

I am so grateful to be part of this great and marvellous work!

Until next week,
Sister Ordanza

News, News, News

Pa, I'm sorry to hear that Pacquiao lost to Mayweather.

Dear Family and Friends,

Ohmydays! It's so crazy, a lot of people whom we've gotten in contact
with, whenever I mention that I'm from the Philippines, they say that
they love Pacquiao so much. They adore him. I don't even know what's
happening in the world right now. Lol

Anyways... Our week has been absolutely fantastic!

Sister Maico, I got the note that you gave to Elder Sunglao, at last,
after four months of waiting. Hehe. Your mission is famous now in our
mission,by the way. Sister Nielson related to us the story of the
missionaries experiences during the typhoon, of how they were
prepared, especially the ten sisters! (We tried speaking in Tagalog
and we were so rubbish! We sounded like children who are leaning to
speak that language. Ugh! We're losing it and it's so crazy.)

It was so great to met and be taught by the General Authorities. This
June 12th, Elder Holland is coming to our mission to speak to us. We
are all excited about it, plus the fact the he served his mission here
in the same mission as us. He even had the opportunity to be
companions with Elder Cook!

Yesterday, we had an amazing time with President and Sister Jordan at
the Norwich chapel for our barbecue day. We did great as a zone last
month, so that was our reward. 😃

Work is progressing here in King's Lynn! Most of our investigators
came to church on Sunday and we are teaching a lot of families. We
keep finding Portuguese people! We are also teaching French, Russian
and Greek families! Wohooo! We found a lot of miracles this week. My
favourite one was when we found our new friend who's from Jamaica!

And yes, I will be staying here in King's Lynn for another transfer
(which is a five-week transfer) with Sister Mekonnen!!!!! We are so
excited and so pumped about it!!!! ☔️ or ☀️, we will have fun!

It's so good to hear from most of you. Know that I love you all and
that I am praying for you.

I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us so much.
Sometimes, we think we are abandoned or forgotten, but we are not. We
are loved by our Father in Heaven who has a unique and perfect plan
for us. Whatever may that be, be excited to discover and take that

I want to remind you of what President Monson said, "Remember who you
are and who God expects you to become. He loves you and that love
never changes!"

Sister Ordanza

*insert subject here*

Dear Family and Friends,

Ola!!!! Guess what?! Yeah, it's been so sunny here in England the whole week (well, at least here in King's Lynn) and that's such a wonderful miracle!!!! Yes, we're getting our awkward tan lines on our feet soon!

The past week was week full of miracles!!! And oh, please include Sister Mekonnen in your prayers as she is still not feeling well and can't walk that much! No worries though, the members here are so nice that they've been giving us rides to our appointments and are teaching with us as well. I seriously don't want to move. I am praying that I get to stay here for at least one more transfer.
Yes, it'll be our transfer day next Wednesday. That means our PDay is on Tuesday, the 5th!

We've been doing a lot of new things to make our finding more fun. It seriously makes us laugh.
We've been finding a lot of people through cemetery finding, scavenger hunt finding and oh, my favourite one is selfie finding!! Missionary work = missionary fun

I am so excited for next weekend. Yes Ma. Our last Skype session together. (trunky alertttttt)
haha jk!

I'm excited for your posts!!! :D
And oh, we haven't had time to take photos this week. :D

Anneong (oh how I miss using that word),
Sister Ordanza