Wednesday, April 22, 2015


That's "hello" in Lithuanian. :D

Dear Family and Friends,

Another amazing week has gone by! We are doing great here in King's Lynn apart from we were to stay at the flat because Sister Mekonnen's feet swell so bad that she can't walk. No worries though, she's fine now. We already went to he hospital.

We've had a lot of crazy and funny experiences this week. Mind you, no more clumsiness. :D

As we were going to the hospital, I approached the receptionist if there's a walk-in clinic that we can go. She explained that there's no such thing like that here in King's Lynn but they have an Accident and Emergency Department. She told us "You call it ER." That's when we realised that she thought that we're both Americans! Ohmydays. Hahaha. It's so funny because this has been the fifth time in the field wherein I was mistaken as an American. Whale, what can I do with my R's and T's? :D

They finally just split the area with the other set of missionaries here and we got the southern part of the boundaries of King's Lynn ward. That means we travel by bus and train a lot. One particular area is an Eastern European community. We got to learn to speak basic words as they are struggling with their English as well. I love it as they are so humble and we have fun teaching them! And oh they are feeding us as well. (That's a plus!) ;) They are planning to set up a branch here as well. Not yet sure, but the ward has been deciding to conduct a special sacrament meeting here at least once a month! Yeah, the work is progressing!!!

We were so exhausted this weekend as we woke up around 4pm on Saturday to make sure that we're not late for our 10am meeting in London! Oh, have I told you that Elder Bednar and Neilson are coming to our mission next week as they will train us on how to use our iPads for missionary work? Yes, we're getting our iPads in two weeks!!!!

Anyways, how are you all?!

Send me emails or letters.

Thirsty. Gulp. :D

Ardievas (good bye in Latvian),
Sister Ordanza

My face whenever I open our post box.



I ran out of subject lines....

Dear Family and Friends,

We've had an amazing week full of miracles! I am trying to learn Portuguese as most of the people in our teaching pool are either from Portugal or Brazil. Crazy, isn't it? ;) And we have a lot of Portuguese recent converts and they are on fire on giving us referrals. Wohoooo!♥

I love this people and this area. I love serving here. I am having fun everyday serving here with Sister Mekonnen.

Ohmydays. The other day, because of the season change. I had a terrible nosebleeding. hahaha.
We were on the bus on the way to an appointment when my companion told me that I have blood in my face. So scary. lol

And my clumsiness is back. We were doing a service project the other day. We mowed a lawn and instead of doing the grass, I cut the wire!!!! Ugh. Fail. (They have different lawn mowers here btw)
Last night, it was pouring rain and it's not yet time to go home so we decided to stop by at a returning member's house and she offered us a hot chocolate. And yes, I spilled it in her newly carpeted kitchen. #EpicFail

Other than that, the experiences we've had this week were so great!!!

I love you all.

Sistah Ordanza

Yeah, our unending selfies. :D

One of the castles here!!!♥


What an amazing week we've had!

Dear Family and Friends,

It has been a fantasic week here in King's Lynn with Sister Mekonnen. It's getting warmer compared to the winter time so, my companion is doing okay now!

Sorry I haven't emailed yesterday as we've had interviews with our mission president.

We've had a really busy, crazy and amazing week. I love my new companion. She cooks for me. :D
I have Ethiopian food mostly everyday, cool huh!

I am so grateful for all the things that I am learning here in the mission field. Everyday is a new learning experience for me.

I have learned a lot of things in the General Conference this past week. I know that all our leaders are called of God and I sustain them. Most of our investigators came to the Saturday and Sunday sessions of it and they all felt the spirit. I loved it especially as it fell on the Easter weekend. I can't even express my gratitude to the Saviour's atonement. Being here in the mission field, what an honour it is for me to feel a little bit of what our Saviour felt! I know that He lives!

I hope that in your own way express your gratitude for Him in everything that He did for you.

I love you all.

Til next week,
Sister Ordanza

Ate Ja, Ate Mhel and Joy: She looks like Jade Romualdo, di ba? ;)

My companion loves to play with my eyes...

The Norwich zone!♥