Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Oh hey, I'm back!

Dear Family and Friends,

This is gonna be a quick email so before you scold me for not emailing for almost a transfer let you hear me first my story....

This has been a crazy transfer! Guess what?!!!!!!!! I am going to move to St. Albans ward tomorrow and I'm having a daughter, I mean I am going to train a new missionary there. This is gonna be so scary but I'll try my best. Oppps, I will be in a trio as well for 10 days. Sister Gorniak from Australia will be our companion fro 10 days and she will go home. I don't know who will be the sister missionary that I am going to train, I will meet her tomorrow.

Canterbury is such a magnificent place and I am so sad that I've been here for just six weeks and I haven't seen any attraction but everything happens for a reason!

I enjoyed General Conference weekend!

I am so excited for a lot of things. I'll name some:
-My best friend Joy will enter the MTC this Friday! She's the!
-My best friend Meg got her mission call to AZ! Wohoooooooo! Hermana, te amo!
-I will meet my British best friends on the 25th! Ahhhhhhhhhh! I'm so stoked!

I love you all!
-Sistah Ordanza

A Day in London...

The Poppies at the Tower Hill!

Yeah, literally just a minute in the Big Ben!

For Your Eyes Only

Canterbury Zone!

Man, I've had pancit canton and sweet tamarind (bomba)! Filipino food for the win!

Nellie, our friend from Bulgaria had her birthday party with the Jones!

My besties here in Canterbury, the YSA's. There will be more coming soon when the term starts in uni! :)

Our investigator's birthday, Marling, from Venezuela, Sister Finch's 17 month mark and my 6th month mark all in one day! Wohooo! 


9 Sept. 2014
Dear Family and Friends,

Man, first of all, I would love to say HELLO!!!!!!
Gah. I'm so hyper today. Tsk.
Anyways, how are you all doing on this lovely day?

Mine and Sister Finch's week was good. We did a lot HARD WORK. :)
We decided to "heart attack" (we put lots of hearts on their doors with messages on it) all the members of Canterbury ward to develop friendship and trust with them. We can see that we're having success in it because there are members who posted photos on facebook and the ward is getting excited to get one from us as well. Hopefully, this all goes well. :)

Sister Finch wasn't feeling very well the other day but we did work from the afternoon until the evening and when we got home we were surprised that there are cookies on our door! We were cookie attacked! Yeah, by the Elders. haha
Man, I am so excited for the term to start. I really love to work with the YSA's!
Uhmm yeah, that's pretty much my week. lol

 I wanna leave this quote to all of you:

"You don't become happy by pursuing happiness. You become happy by living a life that means something."

Sistah Ordanza

Mom, if you would like to send me something on Christmas, I suggest that you send it now so I can have it on time. ;) Love you po!