Monday, December 29, 2014

Off to Winter Wonderland!

Nah. Not the one in London.

Dear Family and Friends,

How was your Christmas? WAS IT FUN WITHOUT MEEEEEE? :p
My first and only Christmas in the mission field was really fabulous! We visited a lot of people, members (recent converts and less-actives) and few of our investigators (as most of them are not around due to holidays season).

I definitely won't forget this Christmas as I focused more on the spirit of our Saviour and giving my time and energy for the sake of other people. I love it so much!

Well,as you've read in my subject line today, yes, I am moving tomorrow to one of the coldest area (or perhaps the coldest one) in this mission. I'm going up north! Exile mode. lol

I will be in Kings Lynn with Sister Ishizawa. She is from Japan! (I think I sent some photo of me and her before with Sister Som who's from Cambodia). I am so excited to be there with her. I bet we'll have a lot of fun and success! :)

We've had a little bit of snow here this week. Well... Me and Sister Quinn died. What do you expect from a Filipino and Arizonian in this British weather? :D

I am so sad to leave St. Albans. This is one of the best areas that I've ever been! The ward is so great and people are warm and friendly. Oh well! Heavenly Father has a plan for me there in Kings Lynn.

Have a very prosperous and wonderful 2015!

Sister Ordanza

Duncan, our Scottish friend.
He promised that he'll wear his kilt to church. Look, he did!! :D

Our district watching Frozen
with some of the YSA's at the senior couple's flat. :)

The Gilbank's and the Zahra's!
We've had a traditional British Christmas dinner and
after that we've had tons of Filipino food! LAMONites. :D

Monday, December 22, 2014

Quick Email

Dear Family and Friends,

Today's not a Preparation Day but we are allowed to take a time to email our friends and families.

I sent bunch of emails to all of you today. ;) Kaya naubos ang oras ko. Charr. Biro lang.

Our week has been a miraculous one! Wow. I don't know where to start!
K fine. I'll be quick. I have six minutes left to tell all these stories.

So, we are teaching a Sri-Lankan family! They are amazing and they accepted to be baptised on January! Woohoo. The head of the family, reminds me of my father, and the family itself. They are all amazing! When we extended the baptismal invitation, the daughter offered the closing prayer, and she said the most amazing prayer ever. In her own words, "Thank you Heavenly Father for making our dream come true to be baptised in your church on January 4th." ISN'T IT AMAZING?!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh. They are having us on Christmas as well.

I really enjoyed our Christmas zone conference. I wanna tell a lot of stories, funny and miraculous,  but I don't have time. We have a teaching appointment in few minutes. So yeah.

More photos next week. I promise.

Sister Ordanza

My daughters, Sister Quinn and Sister Grant! ♥

Vivian's baptism

Monday, December 15, 2014


Dear Family and Friends,

I am so glad to hear that you are all safe, especially you, Sister Maico! ♥

A lot of exciting things happened this week. I'll send baptism photos next week though! I forgot to bring the right memory card. Fail. XD

We've had exchanges with our STL's. I love exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders so much. I learned a lot from them. I went to Watford with Sister Wang Foo and Sister Quinn stayed here in St Albans with Sister Maurer!

Our landlord finally decided to get our heater fixed! Wohoooo! The mission office decided that we need to stay with the Stevenage sisters' flat because we won't have water and electricity for a day. On our way there, man, me and Sister Quinn got a ticket! Our zone leaders teased us that we should be sent home now because we broke the law of the land. IGNORANCE OF THE LAW EXCUSES NO ONE. Why did I ever forget my Law 101? lol Anyways, it was crazy. haha
But of course, we talked to the guy who gave us the ticket and we've had a really good gospel conversation with him. We shared the He is the Gift pass-along card and we got a return appointment! Too bad he wasn't in our area though, so the Stevenage sisters got a really good referral from us. ;)

We'll have our Christmas zone conference this Thursday in London! Wohoo!
I am so excited for it! And we will have the ward's Christmas party this Saturday and the theme for food will be International Food Night. And yes, the Filipino families here, the Gilbank's and the Zahra's will represent the Philippines, not me. :P

We watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional yesterday and it was amazing! I felt the spirit of Christmas, the Spirit of Christ!

I love this gospel and this work so much.

Can't wait for Christmas to Skype my family! Wohooo!

More photos next week! I promise! :D

Sister Ordanza

Platform 9 3/4. Yeah, yung sa Harry Potter. Charr.
Sorry sa kwalidad ng larawan, a bit blurry. :D

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hope Y'all Are Safe!

Dear Family and Friends,

I obtained permission yesterday to check my email because everyone at church asked me about if my family are okay back home. I didn't even know that there's a typhoon right now.

I am praying for you guys, the ward and our mission!

Anyways, we've had an amazing Sisters' Conference in London the other day! It was fabulous! We all loved it. I saw my favourite people there! Which was a plus. hehe

It's getting cold in here. -2 degree Celsius most of the time. I die everyday. Seriously! haha
Guess I just have to deal with it. Well...

We will have baptisms this Sunday! Wohoooo! I'll send pictures on my next email.

No time for stories this time. Sorry!

Sister Ordanza

Sisters' Conference! I'm next to President Jordan. #ShortPeopleProbs


Tuesday, December 02, 2014


MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥

Dear Family and Friends,

December 1st, Christmas na! Wohooo! I'm so excited for this Christmas! ( Aside from the fact that I can Skype my family. haha)

For you, what is the essence of Christmas? Nowadays, the real meaning of Christmas has been lost due to commercialisation. Yes, it truly is the time to reflect our hearts and thoughts to the Saviour (just like what we do everyday).

Before you continue reading my weekly letter, I wanna share a video that the church launched for this season. As you watch the video, think of ways that you can do to discover, embrace and share the gift this Christmas. :)

Hope you enjoyed that short video! I testify that Christ lives and that He loves each one of us. He truly is THE GIFT!♥
(Side note, the lady who performed as Mary in the video is a member of Hyde Park Ward in London and she is a star of the musical, Wicked.)

Our week has been fantastic! We've had a really spiritual and uplifting experience with Elder Cook. Man, he loves the Philippines so much. :)
I also saw my MTC companion, Sister Schmidt and the other Filipina missionary in London South Mission, Sister Polidario who's from Manila Mission as well. :)

We celebrated Thanksgiving at the Bishop's house together with our Relief Society sisters. It was a real Thanksgiving with a turkey because it happened in an American home. ;) We also had our stake conference which was really fabulous. And I met a lady from Luton ward who served in the Philippines, particularly in Luzon area donkey years ago. Yayyyyy!

St. Albans ward is the best! I love our ward mission leader, the bishop and all the members. I can't explain how much I appreciate them but they are helping us to hasten the Lord's work in this area.

Even though it's cold, (not as cold as there in Canada though), we love being out everyday. I don't have much time to write today but I will send some cool stories next week.

Sister Ordanza

More pics next week! Sorry! Time's running so fast! :D

The whole England London Mission missionaries outside the Royal Albert Hall

Oh Hi, Wow. :D

Dear Family and Friends,

Yo! Another awesome week has gone by! I have my new daughter now, Sister Quinn from 'Murica! Wohooo! :D
She's so cute, like a Barbie and a Pinterest sistah mish. For reals! :)

Hope you got my "Welcome to the MTC" card. haha

Joy, I got your letter na! Yeheyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Have you received mine? I sent another one today. Wohooo! so excited to exchange letters with ya bez! :)
The Filipino Elder didn't come this transfer, maybe his visa got delayed so I don't have the "something" you gave to him for me. hehe Our next transfer will be on December 30th!

Oh btw, there's a new Elder from Hong Kong and he's a part Filipino part Chinese that came with Sister Quinn. His Mum's from Ilocos Norte. :)

I am so excited for our mission conference with the London South Mission tomorrow! Elder Quentin L. Cook from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will address us! He served in this mission and he had the chance to be companions with Elder Holland! He also presided over the Philippines Area Presidency before President Edwards and Elder Teh! So yeah, I am so excited!!!!!!

I am talking on the phone while we were on the bus the other day. When I finished the conversation with one of our investigators, I said "Love you!". After that, the couple who sat behind us said that I am so sweet. That led to a gospel conversation. They are atheist but they invited us over to their home to learn more about our message. Wohooo! And they gave us some unripe bananas. I promise you, we live in the city! haha
But it's still part of the British culture to have a market day here with fresh fruits and veggies. (Pretty sure those bananas were imported.) ;)

Also, the ward is so amazed with their full-time missionaries (ahem, that's us) because on December 13th, we have a looooooooot of baptisms. Ahhh! Can't wait for our (including the Elders' ) investigators to get baptised!

Kerstin attended church yesterday and she loved it! :)

We've had the opportunity to teach one of our investigators yesterday. We taught her the Restoration with a baptismal date in our minds. But this case was different, it doesn't happen normally because me and Sister Quinn both felt prompted that this investigator needed to choose for herself her baptismal date. Right there with us, we invited her to choose and date and ask Heavenly Father if that is the right date for her to be baptised. After her prayer, me and Sister Quinn were both teary eyed because the date she picked was exactly the date we planned for her! Isn't it amazing how the Spirit works between the full-time missionaries and the investigators?!

This is why I am so excited to work everyday! I am so excited to witness miracles everyday.

I hope you didn't get bored with my novela today. haha

I love you all and advance Happy Thanksgiving to my 'Merican friends! :)

Sister Ordanza

Sister Quinn and I! Wohoooo!

Sister Quinn and I! Wohoooo!

See how pretty Sister Quinn is? :) ♥

The Gilbank's! She is from Misamis Occidental.
She cooks really good adobo! Nom nom nom. :)

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Oh hey, I'm back!

Dear Family and Friends,

This is gonna be a quick email so before you scold me for not emailing for almost a transfer let you hear me first my story....

This has been a crazy transfer! Guess what?!!!!!!!! I am going to move to St. Albans ward tomorrow and I'm having a daughter, I mean I am going to train a new missionary there. This is gonna be so scary but I'll try my best. Oppps, I will be in a trio as well for 10 days. Sister Gorniak from Australia will be our companion fro 10 days and she will go home. I don't know who will be the sister missionary that I am going to train, I will meet her tomorrow.

Canterbury is such a magnificent place and I am so sad that I've been here for just six weeks and I haven't seen any attraction but everything happens for a reason!

I enjoyed General Conference weekend!

I am so excited for a lot of things. I'll name some:
-My best friend Joy will enter the MTC this Friday! She's the!
-My best friend Meg got her mission call to AZ! Wohoooooooo! Hermana, te amo!
-I will meet my British best friends on the 25th! Ahhhhhhhhhh! I'm so stoked!

I love you all!
-Sistah Ordanza

A Day in London...

The Poppies at the Tower Hill!

Yeah, literally just a minute in the Big Ben!

For Your Eyes Only

Canterbury Zone!

Man, I've had pancit canton and sweet tamarind (bomba)! Filipino food for the win!

Nellie, our friend from Bulgaria had her birthday party with the Jones!

My besties here in Canterbury, the YSA's. There will be more coming soon when the term starts in uni! :)

Our investigator's birthday, Marling, from Venezuela, Sister Finch's 17 month mark and my 6th month mark all in one day! Wohooo! 


9 Sept. 2014
Dear Family and Friends,

Man, first of all, I would love to say HELLO!!!!!!
Gah. I'm so hyper today. Tsk.
Anyways, how are you all doing on this lovely day?

Mine and Sister Finch's week was good. We did a lot HARD WORK. :)
We decided to "heart attack" (we put lots of hearts on their doors with messages on it) all the members of Canterbury ward to develop friendship and trust with them. We can see that we're having success in it because there are members who posted photos on facebook and the ward is getting excited to get one from us as well. Hopefully, this all goes well. :)

Sister Finch wasn't feeling very well the other day but we did work from the afternoon until the evening and when we got home we were surprised that there are cookies on our door! We were cookie attacked! Yeah, by the Elders. haha
Man, I am so excited for the term to start. I really love to work with the YSA's!
Uhmm yeah, that's pretty much my week. lol

 I wanna leave this quote to all of you:

"You don't become happy by pursuing happiness. You become happy by living a life that means something."

Sistah Ordanza

Mom, if you would like to send me something on Christmas, I suggest that you send it now so I can have it on time. ;) Love you po! 

Monday, September 01, 2014

End of Kettering. Start of Canterbury.

1 September 2014
Dear Family and Friends,

I cried at the train station when Sister Silva said goodbye to me. I don't know. She's my best friend here in the mission field, she's been my big sister and I love her so much. But what can you do? Missionary life.

When I arrived here at Canterbury with Sister Finch, I felt a warm feeling in my heart.
I know that this is where the Lord exactly wants me to be.

Canterbury is such a beautiful place! It's truly the garden of England. It is also the heart of the Church of England faith. (Like Utah for LDS and Vatican for Catholics). The ward is really small compare to Kettering, I guess they just have around 50-70 people. We have quite a lot of YSA's in the ward because we have two universities here.

I love my new companion. Sister Finch is from Utah. She's like me. She is amazing. I just want to be the best and final companion the she ever had. That's why we work hard everyday til the last minute of curfew but we make sure that we're having fun and eating properly. The area is just tough because a lot of people we stop are tourists that live in other places/countries. 

I miss Kettering and the dinner appointments every night but my companion is a great cook so I can't complain! :)

Our district is really small. It's just me, Sister Finch, Elder Mongelli (Italy) and Elder Hou (mainland China). Oh, we have Elder and Sister Jones, the senior missionaries who take care of us and the YSA's. :)

I love stopping students because they're just the same age with me. So yeah. And also, I hope they will make this as a YSA ward soon. :D
I love being with the YSA's so much. We're like besties with them! We have FHE every Monday night with them.

So, that pretty sums up our week. I'm still adjusting with the accent/language/culture because I carried all the Kettering accent/language/culture with me. lol

I forgot to say, MERRY CHRISTMAS!
It's already September 1st!
Man, I miss the Philippines because of our Christmas season!

Bye for now.
Be a good boy/girl! ;)

Sister Ordanza

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

*drum rolls*

26 August 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

As expected I am moving into another area tomorrow. I am going to Canterbury ward. I've no idea where that is but most of the missionaries said that they wanna go there, so I'll just imagine that it's kinda like Palawan where every missionary in the Philippines Manila Mission wants to serve. My new companion will be Sister Finch, she's an American and I will be her last companion because she will finish her mission next month, I mean this transfer.

Sister Silva will train a new sister missionary here in Kettering. It's so hard to leave this area. I've grown to love the place, the people and the ward so much. We are supposed to have one baptism this Saturday and the family we are teaching and Isa will be baptise this September. We've seen a lot of success! Unfortunately, I won't see those baptisms. But that's fine with me. At least I did my part and my best to helped those people to come unto Christ and helped the ward and the area to progress as well. PMG says that "leave your area better when you found it before." I am really happy to know that I've been the missionary that Heavenly Father wants me to be.

I know that I will see a lot of miracles and success in Canterbury as well.

I won't say much on this email though. I have been emotional since  yesterday and also we won't be able to stay long in the computer today because we will visit our investigators and members of the ward to say goodbye and am still going to pack.

My email next week will probably be long.

Sister Ordanza

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


August 19, 2014
Dear Family and Friends,

Last week was really a good week!
We've had zone interviews with President Jordan and received training from him and Sister Jordan.

I don't know what to say. It's just that everyday I am praying that Heavenly Father will let me stay here in Kettering for another transfer to witness the baptism of The Gardner's and Kevin!

But yeah, I bought another suitcase today in case I move next week.
Btw, our next PDay will be on Tuesday, not Monday.

So sorry if I haven't replied any of your emails yet. I've been very busy this past few weeks. But don't worry, I sent handwritten letters to some of you and be assured that I read every emails that you guys are sending me. I love y'all!

I will try to make my email creative next time!

Sistah Ordanza

Ola ola ola!

August 11, 2014
So sorry, due to some reasons, I haven't sent my weekly email last week.

Dear Family and Friends,

How have you been? This past week was full of miracles!
I don't know where to start. haha

Well, I guess I'll just leave it as one of the entries in my journal. :p

Yesterday, President and Sister Jordan visited Kettering ward. After the sacrament meeting, he approached me and said, "Sister Ordanza, you've been here in Kettering for four transfers now. You know what that means, right?" I said to him, "Yes, President. That means crying on the night of 25th and the whole day of the 26th and 27th." He just laughed.

Seriously though, thinking to leave Kettering this transfers is so hard for me. I've grown to love the area, the people and the ward so much. Ugh. But what do you do? This is the sad part of a missionary's life. To come and to go.

Now, I speak to those who are facing hardships in their lives right now.
I know life isn't easy nor will it ever be. Yes, Heavenly Father allows us to face difficulties in life for us to learn and to grow. But sometimes, we tend to be like Laman and Lemuel, murmuring "Why do bad things happen to good people? I follow the commandments. I do all my best. Why me?" That's a part of us being a natural man. Elder James B. Martino of the Seventy said, "Our Heavenly Father who loves us completely and perfectly, permits us to have experiences that will allow us to develop the traits and attributes we need to become more Christlike. Our trials come in many forms, but each will allow us to become more like our Saviour as we learn to recognise the good that comes from the experience. As we understand this doctrine we gain greater assurance of our Father's love. We may never know in this life why we face what we do, but we can feel confident that we can go from the experience." Heavenly Father didn't promise us to have an easy life, but He promised us that He'll be with us in every step of our journey. Hold on. :)

Heavenly Father wants you to check in with Him through a sincere and fervent prayer. Remember, you are never alone. Never forget you are loved. Never doubt that someone surely cares for you.
-President Thomas S. Monson

I will close this email by a miracle we witnessed last week.
Our Filipino investigator has been suffering kidney failure for four years now. She seems that she's losing hope and her faith is wavering because of that, we told her that maybe Heavenly Father wants her to learn something about patience and He has a plan for her for something better. Last Wednesday, we are on our way to find some people near the town centre and we walked already, probably a mile, when me and Sister Silva just turned to each other and said, "Let's visit *insert her name* to see how she's doing!" We walked back and knocked on her door and her husband answered us. We've had a good chat and taught them both the First Lesson and he was so interested for the fact that we have a living prophet. After the end of our lesson, he excused himself to go out. So we chatted few minutes more with *insert her name* and she told us that she's so amazed that her husband talked to us about religion because he never entertain that topic on his home. We settled an appointment with them last Saturday to help them do their garden. So last Saturday, we arrived on their home and and helped them. We were cutting the bushes when she received an unexpected call from the hospital that she needs to be there because there's a kidney donor waiting for her and she needs to have a transplant. She cried and asked us to offer a prayer for her before she left to go to the hospital. Yesterday, after Correlation Meeting, we received a call from her. I talked to her and she said that the operation is successful! She cried once again and asked me to offer a prayer for her over the phone in Tagalog (our native tongue), I did and she said, since she met me and Sister Silva, we gave her a new hope for life, she receive so many blessings that she never expected! She asked us to visit her when she gets home from the hospital after a week. :)
Fyi, the hospital is in Leister which is not a part of our mission so we can't visit her. :(

I love y'all!
Til next PDay.

-Sister Ordanza


August 5, 2014
Inline image 3

Inline image 1
Me and Sister Stewart, the one from Hong Kong!

Sister Wang Foo, originally from Hong Kong as well but grew up in Tahiti.

Letter for YSA and Youth :)

Dear PPIR students,

Hi! Some of you might know me, others won't. I have heard so many good things about your class this school year based on the pictures that President Angoy sent to me. You are all wonderful, don't ever forget that. Your Father in Heaven is pleased for your decision to enroll in Institute and to attend class regularly despite of your busy schedules in life!
President Monson said, "You..are a glorious group, a chosen generation...I plead with you, my young brothers and sisters, to remember who you are. You are sons and daughters of Almighty God. You have a destiny to fulfill, a life to live, a contribution to make, a goal to achieve. The future of the kingdom of God upon the earth will, in part, be aided by your devotion."

This letter is not just for Insti students but also for seminary students. I am grateful for the Seminary and Institute Program of our Church. The knowledge I gained on attending classes helps me so much here in the mission field. Our living prophet said, "Seminary will help you to understand and rely on the teachings and Atonement of Jesus Christ. You will feel the spirit of the Lord as you learn to love the scriptures. You will prepare yourselves for the temple and for missionary service. Young people, I ask you to participate in seminary. Study your scriptures daily. Listen to your teachers carefully. Apply what you learn prayerfully." Scripture mastery is helping me in a lot of ways such as talking to people (OYM), introducing the church, giving trainings to fellow missionaries and many other aspects of missionary work. And you are all blessed to be part of that class!

I am grateful for this opportunity I have to serve our Heavenly Father as a full-time missionary. Some of you might be on the process of preparing/submitting their mission papers, others might be deciding whether to serve or not, or some doesn't want to, whichever you are in the three, I testify that being on a mission is the best decision I have ever made in my whole life! I won't trade this for anything in the world. Preparations might be hard. Yes, it happened to me as well. But it will be worth it, I promise.

However, when you receive your mission call, don't be disappointed when you don't get called to the specific mission that you want to. Remember that missions are called of God. He wants you to be wherever He called you. Someone out there is waiting for you, waiting for your testimony and dedication to serve. It doesn't matter where it is, what matters most is how you serve Him and the people in that area.

I want to close this letter by sharing one of the miracles that I am privileged to experience here in the field. On my first week here in Kettering (the countryside of England) me and my first companion stopped this guy from the opposite side of the road. Long story short, he became our investigator. To be honest, he was one of the difficult and challenging investigators I have ever met. He's atheist, smart, clever and a scientist. I currently have my third companion now, we did everything to help him but it seems that he wasn't progressing. For two weeks, we stopped seeing and communicating with him, hoping that he'll recognise the difference in his life without hearing the gospel. Me and my companion were so shocked and so happy when he showed up in the chapel few Sundays ago to attend church services. He said, he read the Book of Mormon and The Pearl of Great Price. On his own words he said, "I felt something different when I haven't met the both of you. Something is missing. I read the books that you challenged and invited me to read, I prayed and I felt the spirit that you are trying to teach me about." He acted on the answers he received and is having a leap of faith when he said yes when we invited him to be baptise! On the 30th, he will be baptise and he is so excited about it.

Yes, miracles do happen! Elder Holland said, "Hope is never lost. Miracles happen."

I testify that there will be a miracle waiting for you in the mission field.
Be excited and discover that miracle!

Sister Ordanza

ELM is the first mission outside the United States that's allowed by the First Presidency to use Facebook as a proselyting tool. I saw few of you added me on my missionary FB account. As much as I would love to accept your friend requests, I am not permitted to. Sorry! :)

New Photos!

Inline image 3

Inline image 1
Me and Sister Stewart, the one from Hong Kong!

Sister Wang Foo, originally from Hong Kong as well but grew up in Tahiti.

Monday, July 28, 2014


28 July 2014
I am so happy and for my best friend, Joy, for receiving her mission call to the Philippines Tacloban Mission! Aja aja aja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

Me and Sister Silva are getting along really well. Oh my days. We are having so much fun here in Kettering! I wish I will serve with her for one more transfer.
She loves the people. She cares. She is soooooo amazing.

I love Portuguese food! She cooks really well!

I went to London North last Friday with Sister Stewart, yeah one of our STL's who's from Hong Kong. She's so cute and an amazing missionary! Sister Silva stayed here in Kettering with Sister Eastin, she's from Arizona. :)

Going with the Sister Training Leaders are really great. We learn something new and I love stopping people in London!

I want to share my studies to all of you this morning. I am reading the Book of Ether, on the 37th verse of the first chapter, something struck me.
It's about the faith of the brother of Jared. Jared asked his brother to plead to the Lord not to confound their families and friends' language as well. The Lord heard his prayers. They were not confounded.
I asked myself, "Is my faith sufficient enough to save my families and friends as well?"

I love this gospel so much. I am trying my best to be the missionary that the Lord wants me to be while I'm still being myself.

Oh btw, British summer is really different! I look like a toasted bread. haha.
But we are enjoying the sun while it lasts! Few more months and we need to take Vitamin D pills again.

I am excited for my best friend (yep, I've three best friends. Whatevs.) for her mission call to come as well! I love you, Meg! Happy first year! ♥♥♥

Til next PDay!

Sister Ordanza

Extend my congratulations to Antony Keen for being called as a full-time missionary in Spain! And also, to my friend, Kristine Dalo, she got her mission call as well and she will serve in the Philippines Cebu East Mission.
K guys. No one told me this information. Sometimes I stalk people, accidentally. hehe.

Ate Janeth, pakisabi naman sa QueLiMama, miss ko na sila. Pakibigay naman po yung email address ko sa kanila, especially kay Jastine Espinas, Yannie Erika Queano at Mariane May Bacosa. Pwede po? Salamat po!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥