Saturday, August 22, 2015


I just found out that Colchester is the most sunny place here in the
whole of England! Lol
Anyways. We've had a really great week! We've been so busy!!!
I'm sorry if this is a quick email. We have to run to catch our bus to
get to our appointment! 😀

Til next week!
-Sister Ordanza

Colchester District!

 One of the exchanges we've had with the sisters this transfer.

Elli and Ovi (our Lithuanian twin friends' birthday) with the Elders.
They're getting baptised on the 22nd of this month!!!

Because we're so Asians...

"Sister, which window is good to knock?" 

A PDay in Deadham. The houses, churches and buildings
are built around 1600's!!!

Just another Saturday in Colchester...

Wǒ yīzhí dōu hěn bǎo

Dear Family and Friends,

I love the past week! We have seen a lot of tender mercies from the
Lord in our area. Aside from having a hay fever for almost a month and
a half now, I am doing great! I am loving this area. Colchester is
very beautiful, the oldest town in Great Britain. Don't worry, they
have modern buildings here. ;)

Since our area covers the University of Essex, we meet with a lot of
uni students everyday. We planned several questions to ask them
regarding their studies and tie it in a gospel conversation. The
funniest part of this week was when we stopped this Chinese guy and we
forgot what question we should ask. Our minds were totally blank. Lol.
Sister Chou asked him, "Hey, have you met Sister Ordanza before?"
Hahaha. It was so funny, poor guy he was so clueless. To avoid
embarrassment I told him, "Yeah, have we met before? You really look
familiar." Lol #MormonPickUpLines
Anyways, we had a really good conversation with him and he came to
church yesterday. 😀

My favourite part of the week was yesterday. I love Sundays! One of
the friends we were expecting to come didn't show up, we even had a
lift arranged for him. :(
Anyways, as we entered the chapel a lady just came in. We welcomed her
and asked if she's visiting as her face was not familiar to us. She
told us that she is a member of a certain denomination but for the
past few years she felt that there is something wrong in the church
where she belong. She spent the whole week last week researching about
our church and in her own words ; " The more I research about your
church, the more I have a desire to join your church." As we were
talking to her, a couple came in and the Elders welcomed them. They
said that they have been researching and they are so eager to
visit our church and to learn more of our beliefs. The Elders are
going to teach them both! On the other hand, our newly found friend is
such a great miracle! After the fast and testimony meeting, her eyes
were so teary. We've had a really spiritual Sabbath! The members
welcomed her warmly and we are going to see her again this week! I am
so looking forward to meet her again!

I hope you guys are having a fantastic time! Cherish the weather
wherever you are as someone is freezing out here. ;)

Oh by the way, the subject line means "I'm full all the time."

Til next PDay,
Sister Ordanza

Perks of living in England, wearing winter coats in the middle of summer. Lol

The England London Mission road

4 Ipswich zone training meeting

My MTC groupmates: Elder Hesen (California), Elder Moreno (Spain)
and Elder Horvath (Hungary). Lucky to serve together in the same zone!

 Elder Sunglao from Taytay, Rizal

Asian party on the way back to Colchester from zone training meeting

The Bueno family from Brazil! Love them!!! ❤️