Tuesday, April 22, 2014


14 April 2014

Man, I ran out of cool subject lines. XD

Dear Family and Friends,

Last week's been the most amazing and spiritual week that I have had so far. We've had intense lessons with our investigators. And I am so excited for Geoffrey's baptism this Saturday!

Today on my personal study, I've read 1 Nephi 8. We're all familiar that this chapter talks about Lehi's vision of the tree of life but I want to focus on the iron rod. :)
We all know that the iron rod symbolizes the word of God, the scriptures. I remembered in our Institute Class back home, President Angoy asked us a question that went like this: "If the Book of Mormon was written for our day, what is our attitude towards it right now?".

Sometimes, we can't fit our scripture study time to our hectic schedule but hey, guess what, the prophets wrote it for OUR GENERATION because they knew that we will face a lot of turmoils in our lives and they knew that the scriptures will help us overcome it and have a positive attitude everyday.

As I read the scriptures everyday, I feel closer to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I can really feel their influences in my life. I have no family or best friends (like Meg, Joy and Em) here but our Father and brother Jesus can make me feel that it's okay, that I can do everything. I can rely on them.
(Oh wait, I have Sister Loveland! ;))

So, will you study the scriptures DAILY?

I promise, nay, the Lord promised us that if we do this, He (through the scriptures) will tell us all things what we should do. ( 2Nephi 32:3)

Anyways, we have English, Scottish, Mexican food everyday. We have American  food if we don't have meal appointments. Yeah, sometimes we have Asian food. And yes, instant noodles. Haha. I'm sorry, Mom. But hey, I am going to cook adobo, sopas and baked biko this week. Watch out! Booo yeah!

Sadly, I have to buy new skirts and dresses. :( Nay, I'm not sad. XD (Yes Sushi, that shirt that you've sent doesn't fit  anymore. huhubels. :( :( )
Guess what's really sad? My size is in the 12-13 year old sections! Even in shoes! Man, that's terrible. I never doubted my genes until I came here in England. Nyaha. Whatever.

So, til next week! :)
Mahal ko kayo!

~Sister Ordanza

S/O to Mary Joy Maico and Ana Marie Macaso for having their bachelor degrees! I'm so proud for both of you!!!!!! :)

Belated happy birthday to Yannie Erika Queano. (Ugh, I can't do the enye here.)

I won't be able to email next Monday because on the 23rd's our Transfer's Day. We will have our PDay on Tuesday though.

I can't accept Antony Keen's friend request on FB, not yet. Not allowed. I'm not in his area.

I don't have enough time to reply on your email every week so can you please email me your home addresses so that I can send you handwritten letters instead? I love you all so much!


8 April 2014

Now that I've got your attention, read my entire email. :p

Dear Family and Friends,

How are you all? How's #LDSConf? (Man, I miss using hashtag! I mean, Twitter.) XD

In honor for my family and Philippine-based friends, I'm not gonna spoil anything about General Conference. Nyaha. :D
But I would like to follow-up (yeah, this is in connection with Elder Ballard's talk) all of you about my challenge on my last week's email. Have you smiled to someone? Did you give them a hug? Did you give them a compliment? Well, you don't need to nod while reading this email though. XD
If you did it, that's great! I'm so proud of you. If not yet, hey, I'm gonna give you an invisible tap on your back telling you that you can do it. :)
Some people need you. It might be a small thing to you but for others, it means a lot. :) Do it now. Don't delay. The clock is ticking. ( Yep, Bishop Stevenson's Gen. Con. address.)

Last week's pretty great. Me and Sister Loveland are having fun everyday. We love serving here in Kettering. The ward is so amazing as well as the people that we meet everyday. I love doing missionary work. Btw, I've learned how to say "hello" in few different languages. Bwahaha.
Geoffrey, our investigator, is going to be baptise on the 19th! Yayyyy. :)

I want to share a little miracle that we've witnessed last week. It was around 6:00pm when my companion asked me if where do I think should we go. I told her that we need to go to the library (though I've a clue that it's already closed) and it turned out that it was closed already. Bwaha. But just few steps away from the library, we saw a woman carrying tons of grocery bags. We offered her help and she accepted it. Let's call her E. :)
E is amazing. She's so lovely. While walking to her home, we talked to her about our message and stuff, yeah, BRT and OYM stuff. And we asked if we could come and visit her again to share our unique message to the world, the Restoration. She agreed to meet with us again and until now, she and her daughter are willing to take missionary lessons.
I know that we can take missionary opportunities through serving others.

My email's short today but I promise to write more next week. 
And I will reply to your emails as well. I PROMISE. :D

I love y'all!

~Sister Ordanza

Now that this email's almost done, I just want to say belated Happy April 1st for my subject line. XD

President Angoy, thank you so much for informing me that Archie's finally home from serving in Chile Rancagua Mission. You made my day. Now, I've enough motivation to work everyday. Hahahaha. Jk! XD

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

News, news and more news!

31 March 2014

Hello Family and Friends!

I've got news, bad and good one, I guess. lol

The England London Mission's the first mission outside the United States that's allowed to use Facebook as a missionary tool for proselyting. My account is Sister-Lorelei Ordanza. We can use it for an hour everyday. That's the good news, I guess. The bad one? I can't be friends with all of you. It's for mission purposes. Want another bad one? My personal account (Lorelei Ordanza) needs to be deactivated. Yes, little brother, please deactivate it. Another bad one? I'm supposed to send you my MTC pictures as well as my first week pictures but my SD card got a virus, I guess. Can't open it and needs to be formatted. (Wrong grammar ba? Idec. Judge me. Bleeh. :P)
So yeah, no more pictures huh? XD

Anyways, my week's pretty amazing even I got a flu. That happens when your body's adjusting on the weather.

Good part of my week? (insert Taylor Swift's song 22 here XD) My first English birthday. Nyaha. The Smith's family threw me a party. Cake, food and presents. Other members gave me cards and presents as well.

I got my first African food as well. Ohmygoodness but it taste like a Filipino one! Yayyyyy. Also, the Filipina member, remember her? Sister G. cooked rice and adobo for me and Sister Loveland. She's so amazing! :)

(Don't translate this part, Meg. XD) Nung nakaraang araw, may nasalubong kaming mga Pinoy. Mabait naman sila pero mahirap pala iopen yung gospel sa sarili mong kababayan. Sana di lahat tulad nila. Wah.

I'm working on how to SMILE every time for everyone. Not the creepy one though. XD Sometimes kasi, nadadala ko pa rin ang pagka snobbish ko. Sorry po!

Anyways, I challenge all of you to do small things for your family, or your neighbour, or your friend, or your classmate, or anyone that you want to this week. It's either give them a warm hug if they need one, a smile, or anything that you can do for them. The Lord promised us that by small and simple things, great things are brought to pass. (You don't need a badge to do this. ;) )

I love this work so much. The world is in need of help. By doing that little things for our fellowmen, we're making a step doing the Lord's work. I'm grateful that I'm part of His mission, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of men.

I love all of you.
Til next PDay.

Sister Ordanza

Don't try to add me on Facebook. :P