Saturday, August 22, 2015


I just found out that Colchester is the most sunny place here in the
whole of England! Lol
Anyways. We've had a really great week! We've been so busy!!!
I'm sorry if this is a quick email. We have to run to catch our bus to
get to our appointment! 😀

Til next week!
-Sister Ordanza

Colchester District!

 One of the exchanges we've had with the sisters this transfer.

Elli and Ovi (our Lithuanian twin friends' birthday) with the Elders.
They're getting baptised on the 22nd of this month!!!

Because we're so Asians...

"Sister, which window is good to knock?" 

A PDay in Deadham. The houses, churches and buildings
are built around 1600's!!!

Just another Saturday in Colchester...

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