Tuesday, April 01, 2014

News, news and more news!

31 March 2014

Hello Family and Friends!

I've got news, bad and good one, I guess. lol

The England London Mission's the first mission outside the United States that's allowed to use Facebook as a missionary tool for proselyting. My account is Sister-Lorelei Ordanza. We can use it for an hour everyday. That's the good news, I guess. The bad one? I can't be friends with all of you. It's for mission purposes. Want another bad one? My personal account (Lorelei Ordanza) needs to be deactivated. Yes, little brother, please deactivate it. Another bad one? I'm supposed to send you my MTC pictures as well as my first week pictures but my SD card got a virus, I guess. Can't open it and needs to be formatted. (Wrong grammar ba? Idec. Judge me. Bleeh. :P)
So yeah, no more pictures huh? XD

Anyways, my week's pretty amazing even I got a flu. That happens when your body's adjusting on the weather.

Good part of my week? (insert Taylor Swift's song 22 here XD) My first English birthday. Nyaha. The Smith's family threw me a party. Cake, food and presents. Other members gave me cards and presents as well.

I got my first African food as well. Ohmygoodness but it taste like a Filipino one! Yayyyyy. Also, the Filipina member, remember her? Sister G. cooked rice and adobo for me and Sister Loveland. She's so amazing! :)

(Don't translate this part, Meg. XD) Nung nakaraang araw, may nasalubong kaming mga Pinoy. Mabait naman sila pero mahirap pala iopen yung gospel sa sarili mong kababayan. Sana di lahat tulad nila. Wah.

I'm working on how to SMILE every time for everyone. Not the creepy one though. XD Sometimes kasi, nadadala ko pa rin ang pagka snobbish ko. Sorry po!

Anyways, I challenge all of you to do small things for your family, or your neighbour, or your friend, or your classmate, or anyone that you want to this week. It's either give them a warm hug if they need one, a smile, or anything that you can do for them. The Lord promised us that by small and simple things, great things are brought to pass. (You don't need a badge to do this. ;) )

I love this work so much. The world is in need of help. By doing that little things for our fellowmen, we're making a step doing the Lord's work. I'm grateful that I'm part of His mission, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of men.

I love all of you.
Til next PDay.

Sister Ordanza

Don't try to add me on Facebook. :P

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