Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Oh hey, I'm back!

Dear Family and Friends,

This is gonna be a quick email so before you scold me for not emailing for almost a transfer let you hear me first my story....

This has been a crazy transfer! Guess what?!!!!!!!! I am going to move to St. Albans ward tomorrow and I'm having a daughter, I mean I am going to train a new missionary there. This is gonna be so scary but I'll try my best. Oppps, I will be in a trio as well for 10 days. Sister Gorniak from Australia will be our companion fro 10 days and she will go home. I don't know who will be the sister missionary that I am going to train, I will meet her tomorrow.

Canterbury is such a magnificent place and I am so sad that I've been here for just six weeks and I haven't seen any attraction but everything happens for a reason!

I enjoyed General Conference weekend!

I am so excited for a lot of things. I'll name some:
-My best friend Joy will enter the MTC this Friday! She's the!
-My best friend Meg got her mission call to AZ! Wohoooooooo! Hermana, te amo!
-I will meet my British best friends on the 25th! Ahhhhhhhhhh! I'm so stoked!

I love you all!
-Sistah Ordanza

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