Sunday, February 08, 2015

Quick Email

Dear Family and Friends,

We are not feeling very well at the moment and we will be here at the library for few minutes to send email to you and to send a weekly report to our mission president.

We've had a great week despite of our illness.

Pray for us that we'll get better soon.

And oh, next week will be our transfers week so our Pday will be on the 10th, Tuesday, instead.

Love you!

Sister Ordanza

Proof that we have four seasons in just one day, everyday!

Dinner appointment at the Robertson's. They're a lovely couple.
She's Slovenian and he's British. She cooks really healthy and good meal!

We celebrated you birthday, Ma! jk We were invited by the Kidman's for Sister Sosam's 70th birthday celebration. She's from Portugal and her husband is British so we've had British roast dinner and Portuguese dessert! Yum!

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