Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"That Pillow is Overdue..."

Yeah, nonsense huh? :D

Dear Family and Friends,

Our whole district are ill. Man, we all have winter flu vaccines but I guess, we're not exempted by this. My companion got sick first and then me (so we pretty much stayed in the flat) and then the poor Elders, bless them!

I have no idea what happened this week. Haha.

Our Filipina investigator and her family who's supposed to be baptised next month are moving tomorrow. Unfortunately, they'll move outside our area! Well, the missionaries there will be so blessed because they'll have a golden referral from us!

I sent tons of letters last week, hopefully you'll get one. :D


-Sister Ordanza

The tradition of our foreMOTHERS. I forgot that I'm already on my
tenth month mark so that pillow is a month overdue! Fail. :D
(I know it's not missionary appropriate but....)

The Thetford District
From left to right, standing:
Elder Kopishcke (Germany), Elder Isaksen (Norway), Elder Yost
(our ZL, not from our district so I dunno), Elder Van den Broek (Holland),
Sister Fillmore (Washington, the state), Sister Idrizi (Greece)

Elder Darrington (our ZL, not from our district so I dunno),
Elder Duncan (Arizona), me and my companion!

Wohoo. (Wow, what a caption!)

A day of work near the docks
(I told my companion that we have the real ones in the Philippines!)

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