Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I ran out of subject lines....

Dear Family and Friends,

We've had an amazing week full of miracles! I am trying to learn Portuguese as most of the people in our teaching pool are either from Portugal or Brazil. Crazy, isn't it? ;) And we have a lot of Portuguese recent converts and they are on fire on giving us referrals. Wohoooo!♥

I love this people and this area. I love serving here. I am having fun everyday serving here with Sister Mekonnen.

Ohmydays. The other day, because of the season change. I had a terrible nosebleeding. hahaha.
We were on the bus on the way to an appointment when my companion told me that I have blood in my face. So scary. lol

And my clumsiness is back. We were doing a service project the other day. We mowed a lawn and instead of doing the grass, I cut the wire!!!! Ugh. Fail. (They have different lawn mowers here btw)
Last night, it was pouring rain and it's not yet time to go home so we decided to stop by at a returning member's house and she offered us a hot chocolate. And yes, I spilled it in her newly carpeted kitchen. #EpicFail

Other than that, the experiences we've had this week were so great!!!

I love you all.

Sistah Ordanza

Yeah, our unending selfies. :D

One of the castles here!!!♥

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