Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Off to the battle field!!!!!

19 March 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

We're allowed to email just for five minutes only so this will be really a short email.
I'm sorry!

Two week's finally over here in the MTC. I'm off to London Mission!
I'm just gonna tell you about our street contacting in Piccadilly, Manchester last week. It was the scariest thing that ever happened in my whole life. I don't know what and how to speak with the people.

But yeah, this is the Lord's work and as we fully rely on Him, He will bless us.
You might be facing lots of trials right  now but don't try to avoid it. Slow down. Move with steadfastness with Christ and He will direct your ways.

Mataba na ako! Joke lang. Dalawang beses pa lang ako nakakain ng kanin dito! :(

I've realised that I look awkward and horrible on the pictures that I've taken so, I'm not gonna  send my pictures. :p jk

On Monday will be my regular PDay though!

I love you all.

Much love,
Sister Ordanza

Tell my Mama to email me. :(

Please ask Emily Rodriguez and @QuirkyMormon if they have their mission calls already. Sorry for bad spelling and grammar! Can't type like this just for five minutes.

Til next week!

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