Monday, September 01, 2014

End of Kettering. Start of Canterbury.

1 September 2014
Dear Family and Friends,

I cried at the train station when Sister Silva said goodbye to me. I don't know. She's my best friend here in the mission field, she's been my big sister and I love her so much. But what can you do? Missionary life.

When I arrived here at Canterbury with Sister Finch, I felt a warm feeling in my heart.
I know that this is where the Lord exactly wants me to be.

Canterbury is such a beautiful place! It's truly the garden of England. It is also the heart of the Church of England faith. (Like Utah for LDS and Vatican for Catholics). The ward is really small compare to Kettering, I guess they just have around 50-70 people. We have quite a lot of YSA's in the ward because we have two universities here.

I love my new companion. Sister Finch is from Utah. She's like me. She is amazing. I just want to be the best and final companion the she ever had. That's why we work hard everyday til the last minute of curfew but we make sure that we're having fun and eating properly. The area is just tough because a lot of people we stop are tourists that live in other places/countries. 

I miss Kettering and the dinner appointments every night but my companion is a great cook so I can't complain! :)

Our district is really small. It's just me, Sister Finch, Elder Mongelli (Italy) and Elder Hou (mainland China). Oh, we have Elder and Sister Jones, the senior missionaries who take care of us and the YSA's. :)

I love stopping students because they're just the same age with me. So yeah. And also, I hope they will make this as a YSA ward soon. :D
I love being with the YSA's so much. We're like besties with them! We have FHE every Monday night with them.

So, that pretty sums up our week. I'm still adjusting with the accent/language/culture because I carried all the Kettering accent/language/culture with me. lol

I forgot to say, MERRY CHRISTMAS!
It's already September 1st!
Man, I miss the Philippines because of our Christmas season!

Bye for now.
Be a good boy/girl! ;)

Sister Ordanza

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