Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Has Sprung

Yeah, it's so pretty!!!!!!!!!♥

Dear Family and Friends,

Hiya! Ya'aright? (Wow. I miss using that lingo.)
Another transfer has gone by. Tomorrow, I will say goodbye to Sister Ishizawa as she is moving to St. Albans with Sister Quinn! Wohoooo!
I will stay here in King's Lynn and I will be getting a new sister missionary fresh from the MTC. I'm so stoked! :D

How has your week been?!

I am so excited for the General Conference soon!
Oh, my birthday will be in 5 days. (wink, hint, wink, wink) :D

Sister Ordanza

Happy St. Patrick Day from the Thetford District sister missionaries!

One of my favourite families that we're working with here in King's Lynn♥♥♥

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