Monday, July 28, 2014


15 July 2014
Yep. Our mission president gave us permission to watch the World Cup Finals! (We watched it yesterday!) Sad because Brazil didn't make it to the finals but hey, Germany won over Argentina! 1-0! Alles Gute, Alemania! Wohoooooooo!

Dear Family and Friends,

So, I've news to all of you. Are you readyyyyyyyyyy?!!!
I'm staying here in Kettering for at least another transfer (6 weeks), probably until August 26th. Yayyyyy! Can't leave Kettering yet. I'm not emotionally prepared. haha
That means, all of you can send letters (or parcels if you want ;) ) to my flat's address. Well, wait. Not you, Ma. I'm sorry but the mail system in the Philippines sucks. So you can send it to my mission home's address. But hey anyways I understand and you love me, right? :)

I'm so upset that Sister Ferrell is moving tomorrow. She's the best and we get along really well! I need to move on, that's missionary life, right? RIGHT?! K. She will be in Enfield with Sisters Griffiths and Allred. Yeah, she'll be in a trio.
My new companion will be Sister Silva and if I'm not mistaken she's from Brazil. Hmmm, not quite sure but don't doubt my stalking abilities. lol
Time to learn some Portuguese then! I'll tell you more about her on my email next week. I'll officially meet her tomorrow. 
Wow, I just realised that I'm gonna be here in Kettering for at least six months! Don't worry. I'm not getting trunky. :P


We've had a pretty good week! Our investigators are all progressing. The Gardner's(Steve, Linda and Adam), Elaine, Lucien, Kevin, Samantha, Naomi and Shantel  attended church last Sunday! (See the reason why I don't want to leave Kettering yet?) And we found new investigators as well. I am so much excited for all these individuals/family to enter the waters of baptism and in the temple! And oh, remember Geoffrey? Yeah, my first baptism? He will have the Melchizedek Priesthood this coming September! K K K. Being a servant of the Lord, you'll witness how much Heavenly Father loves His children. I can't even express how much I love being a missionary!

Being an ambassador of Christ opens loads of opportunities. One of this is teaching the Primary class. Oh my days! I haven't appreciated babies and kids, okay, children, that much until I came here. They're so cute and precious!

I am looking forward for this new transfer! New companion, new experiences and new ways of missionary fun!

I want to leave this quote from Elder L. Tom Perry to all of you:

"The choices you make will make all of the difference in what you want to achieve."

Let's use our agency wisely!
I honestly love all of you. Until next PDay!

Sister Ordanza

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