Monday, July 28, 2014

Ola! Tudo Bem?

22 July 2014
Sister Silva is from Portugal not from Brazil. Stalking skills failed. That happens when you are not on Twitter anymore. :P

Dear Family and Friends,

Yeah, that's the Portuguese of "Hi! How are you?" lol
I just love my new companion! She's like Ate Janeth. The older sister I've never had. We have a lot in common and she is the companion that brings out the best in me! She's soooooooooo smart (mind you, that's the only thing that we're different) and she's on her last year in the Law School!
And oh, her mission call is to preach the gospel in Portuguese language but now, she's in an English speaking area so she's really amazing.

Mine and Sister Silva's first week together was really miraculous! Let me start on our first official day together.

Me and Sister Ferrell stopped a lady who was on a rush a day before the transfers. Because in a hurry, we didn't have the opportunity to get her full address but she wrote her name and street's name on my planner (which was good, phew!).

Me and Sister Silva just decided to tract the whole area to find her. And guess what? Yeah, after knocking few doors, a girl answered it and the spirit was telling me that we were on the right door! I asked her if Vania is around, it turned out that is her sister and guess where are they from? PORTUGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Silva started to teach few principles to Vanessa (the sister) in Portuguese and I can even understand every word that she's speaking! We've had a good lesson with her and we are seeing them again this week!
On our way back home for lunch, one of the lady that lives next door from us was cutting the bushes on her garden. Sister Silva asked if she needed any help and she replied that she doesn't have money to pay us. We just looked to each other and smiled and told her that we would love to help her without any cost! Guess where this lady is from? She's from the PHILIPPINES!!!!!! *drum rolls* She lived few blocks away from me in Cavite! She knows people from my neighbourhood and she knows my landlady! Yeah, like in Silang Cavite. Yeah yeah yeah. *goose bumps*

I am so sorry if I haven't replied any of your emails, guys. So sorry. I hope I'll have time next week.

We've had many investigators at church yesterday and I am enjoying every minute of my mission.

I love all of you!
Til next PDay!

Sister Ordanza

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