Friday, January 16, 2015

A Whole Week of FUN

Whale...It depends on your definition of FUN. :P

Dear Family and Friends,

Our week has been fantabulous here in King's Lynn! Weather's treating me well as well. So that's a great news. :D

We've seen lots of miracles this past week. One of them is our Filipina investigator and her British husband! Most of A****e's family in the Philippines are Latter-day Saints (she even has a cousin who's serving a mission in Australia right now). When she came here in England around 2013, her family told her to go to a Mormon church here in the UK. She bumped into some sister missionaries, went to church here in King's Lynn  for few times and when she came back to the Philippines, lost contact with them.
Me and Sister Ishizawa decided to review our area book and to contact people who are listed there and we found A****e's record. We rang her number and no one answered it so we decided just to pop by to her home. We tried to knock on her door but no success either. We planned to stop by again another day. We were out talking to people (I forgot what day was it) when we stopped this Filipina lady, and yes, a miracle, that's the lady that we were searching for! We visited her in her home and invited them to church. Yesterday, A****e and her husband along with their little kid attended church and they even accepted a baptismal date for next month! Wow. I really know that the Lord is in this work. He provides a way for His children to be able to receive the fullness of His blessings and I am so grateful to be able to be a part of this work right now. Everyone in the ward, including our bishop, were so excited when they saw that family at church yesterday and they all want to come teaching with us! Wohooo!

Another miracle.

As a mission, one of our focus for 2015 is to work with part-member families. Me and Sister Ishizawa went through our ward's list and with the help of our ward mission leader, identified few people that we are going to work with.

We were invited for a dinner by one of these families, so blessed huh! Tom has been to church few times and is currently investigating the church. Long story short, during the lesson, the spirit was so strong and we extend a baptismal date with him for the 25th of this month. He accepted it and everyone was so happy about it! In fact, he came to church again yesterday and stayed after for a baptismal service. I asked him after that, "Tom, are you excited for this to happen to you as well?" He answered, "Yes, Sister Ordanza! I can't wait!"! We are going to see him again tonight in a family home evening.

I am so excited for these people to take upon themselves the name of Christ.

Til next week,
Sister Ordanza

So, I gained 20 pounds in the mission field. HAHA.

More pics next week!

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