Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Spirit of Elijah

Yes, it's about family history.

Dear Family and Friends,

How has your week been? Mine was absolutely wonderful! :) Sister Ishizawa's family sent me chopsticks and sent us a lot of Japanese food. Oh my days. I'm having a "Japanese" lesson every day. haha She's teaching me how to make origamis! :)

We decided to use family history as a finding tool this week. Para maiba naman. We filled out information about our families in the My Family booklet and everywhere we went we just talked about it.

One particular day, we missed our train. (Yes, that's how huge our area is. In previous areas we just ride trains whenever we go to London.) We went to one of the beautiful and little villages outside King's Lynn and train comes every hour. We decided to do some street contacting but since it's around five in the afternoon (it's as dark as 10pm btw), so chilly, so no one was out. Woah. Scary huh. But we're safe, I promise. :)
Probably 20 minutes before the next train comes, we saw a lady. We stopped her and when she saw our badges she said that she's not interested. (Yeah, we get that a lot. haha. Perks of wearing a badge! They'll look at the nametag first before at your face. :D) She continued walking.

I forgot what we said but she heard the word "family history" enough that she stopped walking and said, "Did you just say family history?!"
It turned out that she's been praying to Heavenly Father for 8 years for help about her family history. And that particular day, she begged Him again on her prayers that He'll listen to her prayers. We arranged a return appointment with her the next day and brought our family history consultant in the lesson. She cried and definitely felt the spirit of Elijah! She came to church yesterday and we will extend a baptismal invitation on her as we have dinner with her and our family history consultant this Wednesday. MEG, SHE'S MEXICAN AND HER FAMILY LIVES IN ARIZONA.

Since it's so dark in here during the evenings, we just try to plan our days better on the evening schedules. On our way to our FHE appointment with Tom, we got lost in the middle of nowhere. We have no idea where we were! No one was out, we can't ask someone for directions even we carry our maps all the time. The only option we can do was to knock someone's door. We did that to the first house that we saw.  A family answered the door! They said that we got off pretty early on the bus and we are destination was too far away. They offered us a ride to our appointment and we've had a gospel conversation with them. They invited us again on their home to share a message and we did the very next day and they came to church yesterday!

I am just so grateful to have the privilege and opportunity to see this mighty miracles everyday.

We've had exchanges with our STL's this week and I stayed here in King's Lynn with Sister Pope and Sister Ishizawa went to Ipswich with Sister Griffith. I love exchanges so much. I learn a lot from the STL's! :)

Thanks for the letters. I'll send something soon.

More pics next week. I'll try to take more photos, that's it! :D

Sister Ordanza

Yeah, don't be fooled by that sunshine!
I promise, it was so cold on that day!

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