Tuesday, January 06, 2015

I Have Died Everyday...

No, not that song. It's my life here in everyday's negative temperature!
#TheStruggleIsReal #RealLife

Dear Family and Friends,

Konichiwa!!! Woooooooooooh! I love my new companion! Sister Ishizawa is amazing! #AsianFTW
I am learning so much from her. Together, I know that we'll see a lot of miracles here in the blessed land of King's Lynn.
Our area is soooooooooo huge and it's so pretty! #CountrySide
And oh btw, they have almost the same accent with peepz in Kettering so it's good to be back! :D
Ohmydays. On transfers day, we travelled from London to here for soooooo long. I thought that we're going to a different country! lol
The ward is amazing as well! Man, missionaries here are so spoiled. Free groceries EVERY WEEK. Crazy huh? :D

I don't know what to say in this email. haha
Well, first of all, sorry for not emailing yesterday, Mother. :D I know you've waited for me but it wasn't our PDay. We've had zone interviews. Sorry!
We've had the privilege of watching the Meet the Mormons after our interviews yesterday which was so cool!

Church was awesome as well. Members are so nice. Loads of appointments with investigators and recent converts and less-active members. Man, I promise, I'm still breathing. :D

Ohmydays. This email is so crazy. Probably because I'm so hungry. Haven't had lunch yet. lol

Oh, the Filipino Elder already arrived, Sister Maico! Wohooooo! And guess what, they MIGHT open a Filipino branch in Hyde Park in London (not sure when)! And we'll all get called to serve there. Yeah, TAGALOG SPEAKING!!!! Wohoooo!

K. For serious stuff, we started this year with three confirmations! How amazing was that? They were Sister Ishizawa's and Sister Steele's investigators. :)

I am just so excited to talk to everyone here in King's Lynn. EVERYWHERE. haha It feels like home.

Okay. My mind is going to shut down in few seconds so....


Sister Ordanza

Sorry for the hashtags. :p

Last day together with Sister Quinn and we both want to have McDonalds.
haha #FattyForLife

Norwich zone selfie! Yeah, that's Sister Jordan. ;)


Christmas Eve at the Bishop's home with the bishop's daughters!

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