Friday, May 22, 2015


Cha and my dearest brother, happy birthday sa inyong dalawa!

Dear Family and Friends,

Belated happy Mother's Day po sa inyo, mga ina or sa inyong mga ina! :)

We've had a really great week. The highlight of it was yesterday at
church. All our investigators that we've been meeting attended to
church again. Ahhhhh!!!!
And also, my favourite less-active family that we've been visiting
came to church. It is so amazing to see these people interact with
other members of the ward and most of all, to feel the spirit as they
partake of the sacrament.

Our relationship with the ward is so great. They have been coming with
us, whether we're street contacting or teaching! We are also teaching
our investigators in their homes!

I do hope that you offer your homes to the missionaries to teach their
investigators there as well. There is a special spirit as we visit a
home full of love and the gospel.

One particular miracle that I wanna share on this weekly letter is
about one of our current investigators.

We met him on the bus on our way back home. He has been to church
around 2001 with his mum. Because his mum stopped coming to church and
meeting with the missionaries, they lost contact with them. Imagine
his surprise when he saw us on the bus after 14 years! We settled a
return appointment with him. The day after we met him, around 9:30am,
his dad was severely ill. (We didn't know about it until
today.)10:30am, the same day, we send him a text message saying how
grateful we were that we met him, that we are excited to meet him
again and that Heavenly Father knows him and loves him perfectly. He
told us, that day he recognised that God is real and that someone
cares and loves him.
Bonus point: he attended seminary 14 years ago!!!!

This experiences make me motivated to work hard, to find those that
are struggling in their way to know God. I know that our real purpose
here on this earth is to be prepared to come back home, to where our
Father in Heaven and our Saviour resides.

I am so grateful to be part of this great and marvellous work!

Until next week,
Sister Ordanza

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