Friday, May 22, 2015

News, News, News

Pa, I'm sorry to hear that Pacquiao lost to Mayweather.

Dear Family and Friends,

Ohmydays! It's so crazy, a lot of people whom we've gotten in contact
with, whenever I mention that I'm from the Philippines, they say that
they love Pacquiao so much. They adore him. I don't even know what's
happening in the world right now. Lol

Anyways... Our week has been absolutely fantastic!

Sister Maico, I got the note that you gave to Elder Sunglao, at last,
after four months of waiting. Hehe. Your mission is famous now in our
mission,by the way. Sister Nielson related to us the story of the
missionaries experiences during the typhoon, of how they were
prepared, especially the ten sisters! (We tried speaking in Tagalog
and we were so rubbish! We sounded like children who are leaning to
speak that language. Ugh! We're losing it and it's so crazy.)

It was so great to met and be taught by the General Authorities. This
June 12th, Elder Holland is coming to our mission to speak to us. We
are all excited about it, plus the fact the he served his mission here
in the same mission as us. He even had the opportunity to be
companions with Elder Cook!

Yesterday, we had an amazing time with President and Sister Jordan at
the Norwich chapel for our barbecue day. We did great as a zone last
month, so that was our reward. 😃

Work is progressing here in King's Lynn! Most of our investigators
came to church on Sunday and we are teaching a lot of families. We
keep finding Portuguese people! We are also teaching French, Russian
and Greek families! Wohooo! We found a lot of miracles this week. My
favourite one was when we found our new friend who's from Jamaica!

And yes, I will be staying here in King's Lynn for another transfer
(which is a five-week transfer) with Sister Mekonnen!!!!! We are so
excited and so pumped about it!!!! ☔️ or ☀️, we will have fun!

It's so good to hear from most of you. Know that I love you all and
that I am praying for you.

I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us so much.
Sometimes, we think we are abandoned or forgotten, but we are not. We
are loved by our Father in Heaven who has a unique and perfect plan
for us. Whatever may that be, be excited to discover and take that

I want to remind you of what President Monson said, "Remember who you
are and who God expects you to become. He loves you and that love
never changes!"

Sister Ordanza

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