Friday, May 22, 2015

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Dear Family and Friends,

Ola!!!! Guess what?! Yeah, it's been so sunny here in England the whole week (well, at least here in King's Lynn) and that's such a wonderful miracle!!!! Yes, we're getting our awkward tan lines on our feet soon!

The past week was week full of miracles!!! And oh, please include Sister Mekonnen in your prayers as she is still not feeling well and can't walk that much! No worries though, the members here are so nice that they've been giving us rides to our appointments and are teaching with us as well. I seriously don't want to move. I am praying that I get to stay here for at least one more transfer.
Yes, it'll be our transfer day next Wednesday. That means our PDay is on Tuesday, the 5th!

We've been doing a lot of new things to make our finding more fun. It seriously makes us laugh.
We've been finding a lot of people through cemetery finding, scavenger hunt finding and oh, my favourite one is selfie finding!! Missionary work = missionary fun

I am so excited for next weekend. Yes Ma. Our last Skype session together. (trunky alertttttt)
haha jk!

I'm excited for your posts!!! :D
And oh, we haven't had time to take photos this week. :D

Anneong (oh how I miss using that word),
Sister Ordanza

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