Monday, December 15, 2014


Dear Family and Friends,

I am so glad to hear that you are all safe, especially you, Sister Maico! ♥

A lot of exciting things happened this week. I'll send baptism photos next week though! I forgot to bring the right memory card. Fail. XD

We've had exchanges with our STL's. I love exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders so much. I learned a lot from them. I went to Watford with Sister Wang Foo and Sister Quinn stayed here in St Albans with Sister Maurer!

Our landlord finally decided to get our heater fixed! Wohoooo! The mission office decided that we need to stay with the Stevenage sisters' flat because we won't have water and electricity for a day. On our way there, man, me and Sister Quinn got a ticket! Our zone leaders teased us that we should be sent home now because we broke the law of the land. IGNORANCE OF THE LAW EXCUSES NO ONE. Why did I ever forget my Law 101? lol Anyways, it was crazy. haha
But of course, we talked to the guy who gave us the ticket and we've had a really good gospel conversation with him. We shared the He is the Gift pass-along card and we got a return appointment! Too bad he wasn't in our area though, so the Stevenage sisters got a really good referral from us. ;)

We'll have our Christmas zone conference this Thursday in London! Wohoo!
I am so excited for it! And we will have the ward's Christmas party this Saturday and the theme for food will be International Food Night. And yes, the Filipino families here, the Gilbank's and the Zahra's will represent the Philippines, not me. :P

We watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional yesterday and it was amazing! I felt the spirit of Christmas, the Spirit of Christ!

I love this gospel and this work so much.

Can't wait for Christmas to Skype my family! Wohooo!

More photos next week! I promise! :D

Sister Ordanza

Platform 9 3/4. Yeah, yung sa Harry Potter. Charr.
Sorry sa kwalidad ng larawan, a bit blurry. :D

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