Monday, December 22, 2014

Quick Email

Dear Family and Friends,

Today's not a Preparation Day but we are allowed to take a time to email our friends and families.

I sent bunch of emails to all of you today. ;) Kaya naubos ang oras ko. Charr. Biro lang.

Our week has been a miraculous one! Wow. I don't know where to start!
K fine. I'll be quick. I have six minutes left to tell all these stories.

So, we are teaching a Sri-Lankan family! They are amazing and they accepted to be baptised on January! Woohoo. The head of the family, reminds me of my father, and the family itself. They are all amazing! When we extended the baptismal invitation, the daughter offered the closing prayer, and she said the most amazing prayer ever. In her own words, "Thank you Heavenly Father for making our dream come true to be baptised in your church on January 4th." ISN'T IT AMAZING?!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh. They are having us on Christmas as well.

I really enjoyed our Christmas zone conference. I wanna tell a lot of stories, funny and miraculous,  but I don't have time. We have a teaching appointment in few minutes. So yeah.

More photos next week. I promise.

Sister Ordanza

My daughters, Sister Quinn and Sister Grant! ♥

Vivian's baptism

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