Tuesday, December 02, 2014


MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥

Dear Family and Friends,

December 1st, Christmas na! Wohooo! I'm so excited for this Christmas! ( Aside from the fact that I can Skype my family. haha)

For you, what is the essence of Christmas? Nowadays, the real meaning of Christmas has been lost due to commercialisation. Yes, it truly is the time to reflect our hearts and thoughts to the Saviour (just like what we do everyday).

Before you continue reading my weekly letter, I wanna share a video that the church launched for this season. As you watch the video, think of ways that you can do to discover, embrace and share the gift this Christmas. :)

Hope you enjoyed that short video! I testify that Christ lives and that He loves each one of us. He truly is THE GIFT!♥
(Side note, the lady who performed as Mary in the video is a member of Hyde Park Ward in London and she is a star of the musical, Wicked.)

Our week has been fantastic! We've had a really spiritual and uplifting experience with Elder Cook. Man, he loves the Philippines so much. :)
I also saw my MTC companion, Sister Schmidt and the other Filipina missionary in London South Mission, Sister Polidario who's from Manila Mission as well. :)

We celebrated Thanksgiving at the Bishop's house together with our Relief Society sisters. It was a real Thanksgiving with a turkey because it happened in an American home. ;) We also had our stake conference which was really fabulous. And I met a lady from Luton ward who served in the Philippines, particularly in Luzon area donkey years ago. Yayyyyy!

St. Albans ward is the best! I love our ward mission leader, the bishop and all the members. I can't explain how much I appreciate them but they are helping us to hasten the Lord's work in this area.

Even though it's cold, (not as cold as there in Canada though), we love being out everyday. I don't have much time to write today but I will send some cool stories next week.

Sister Ordanza

More pics next week! Sorry! Time's running so fast! :D

The whole England London Mission missionaries outside the Royal Albert Hall

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