Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hey, it's Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!!

12 May 2014

I can't believe I bawled in front of my family over Skype yesterday. Ewwness! XD
Dear Family and Friends,

This past week's been pretty amazing! I'm learning so much on serving on the Lord's mission. I am developing so much love for every people that I meet and talk everyday, especially our investigators. Jane-charlotte's is really an amazing gal. I can't believe how much she have changed from the first moment that we taught her. She'll be baptise next week! Kevin, is doing great as well. He'll be baptise on June as well as with Luka! I love Ada so much. She's such a Mom to us. She feeds us a lot, she's from St. Vincent and she's a sweetie. Okay, most of our investigators are not British. They're from Macedonia, Jamaica, Poland, Zimbabwe and India. And most of them have no background about God at all! Missionary work is the BESTest thing evah!

We have met new investigators this week! Sister Loveland and I are faithful to extend baptismal dates with them. Man, it's crazy because we have an amazing relationship with the ward and the Ward Mission Plan here in Kettering's really superb!

I'm reminded of President Monson's words, "Our duty, in addition to saving ourselves is to guide others to the celestial kingdom of God."

Being on a mission has taught me a lot of things in preparation for my future.
So yeah, how are y'all?! We (the Elders and us plus Jotham went to Chinese buffet today. lol
I freaked out! Hahaha. Anyways, that's all for this week. Oh yeah, I'm looking forward this Thursday because we'll have interviews with our mission president, President Jordan. Can't wait! :)

I love all of you.
Til next week!

~Sister Ordanza

Okay. I freaked out when I read the news on Facebook the other day that Elder Ballard has now a twitter account! asdfghjkl!!!!!!

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