Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Area

22 April 2014

Peke lang. Nyaha.

Dear Family and Friends,
Sister Loveland and I are both staying here in Kettering this transfer. Yayyy.

Last week's been the most intense and spiritual feast moment in my mission so far.

Geoffrey got baptised last Saturday which was mine and my family's 6th year mark of being members of the church and my month mark in the mission field as well. How amazing was that?! He's kind of shy and when he bore his testimony, it was really uplifting. He found the church through the news paper advertisement about the Open House. Cool, isn't it? :)

After his baptism, we planned to go to certain area but suddenly we felt prompted to knock another people's home. And guess what? We found a person that Heavenly Father prepared for His faithful servants. ;)

His name's David. Gah. All of our investigators are potential priesthood holders. Yayyyy!
He is soooooooooo prepared! He read the Book of Mormon before and he know that it is true and he knows that Joseph Smith's a true prophet of God! Man, we haven't taught him anything yet that time and he also mentioned the Great Apostasy in depth! He also said that he's praying of what church should he go to and asked us if he could come to our church, and we're like, heck yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! Haha. Okay, not like that but yeah, he came to church and three more of our investigators.
The field is white already to harvest.
I love you all!

Sister Ordanza

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