Thursday, June 12, 2014

Landahn Tahn Innit

26 May 2014
I don't even understand that phrase.
Pardon, mate.

Dear Family and Friends,

Last week's really amazing and great! I love Sister Ferrell! She's amazing and we clicked as companions starting the first day!

Sister Ferrell and I are both working on an attribute of being grateful for EVERYTHING (and everything means including the weather!)

Last Thursday, it rained sooooooooo hard. Okay, it rains everyday here but not as hard as that day. Anyways, we we're both soaking wet but it didn't make us stop to do missionary work. We're armies of Helaman, 24/7, rain or shine. :)

We stopped this lady, (name withheld), and we're wondering if what made her happy that day. She looked at us like she's surprised that someone wants to talk to her in that kind of weather but she answered politely. It turned out as one of the miraculous TTI's (Teach,Testify, Invite) that I've ever had as a missionary! Yep. She's our new investigator now. :)

After that, we tried calling potential investigators and referrals. We called a lady whom we've been contacting everyday but can't get a hold of her and that time, she answered her phone and it was so amazing, we did have a lesson for her over the phone and it was so spiritual, the spirit was so strong that even I haven't met her yet (but we're going to see her this week) I felt so much love for her!

Also, we found an amazing family, a referral from other missionaries in our zone (they talked to them on the bus station). They're from Malaui (dunno if I've spelt that right, but yeah, it's near Zimbabwe in Africa) and they've been taught by the missionaries before, been to church in 2007 and they've loved it! But when they've moved here, they don't know where the church is, haven't seen missionaries as well. When we arrived, it was as if they're waiting for us to teach them! I just love them so much. They're gonna be one of the kingdom builders here in Kettering ward.

That pretty much sums up our week.
JC, Kevin, Luka, Richie are all doing good. Gonna send pictures soon on their baptisms! :)

I just love being a missionary. You'll probably tired of me saying this but serving a mission is the best thing ever.

I testify that "through serving others you'll get a love for and testimony of the restored gospel".

I love y'all. Til next week!

~Sister Ordanza

So the Filipino party that we've attended last Saturday was one of the highlights of my week. You can't even imagine how much I freaked out when they served hamonado, pansit, sinangag na kanin and biko. Oh my days!
Oh btw, we do insanity work-out every other mornings, the other mornings, we just run sooooooooooooooo hard. So don't ya worry 'bout me, I'll burn those calories! ;)

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