Thursday, June 12, 2014

I hate good bye's!

20 May 2014

Yup. I've had an emergency transfer!
And yeah, today's my second month mark in the mission field!

Dear Family and Friends,

So sorry to email you this late. But yeah, don't freak out yet. Nothing happened. Just an emergency transfer. So here's the story.

Due to Sister Loveland's health condition, she needed to be in the Visitors' Centre Area where missionary work is kind of different and less-stressful.
Yup. I just got back from London to pick my new companion up. I'm with Sister Ferrell, she's from Alpine Utah! She's amazing. And she's cute. Like a Pinterest sister missionary. ;)
She's new in the mission as well, a transfer older than me and this is her first time to move out from the Visitors' Centre so we're kind of training each other. Haha. She'll help me finish my 12 week! :)
This week's pretty amazing. We have loads of miracles everyday. Jane-charlotte passed her interview last week and she's going to be baptise this coming Saturday. Yayyyy!
And oh, we ha've had a new bishop. :)
I'm kind of scared of leading the area but I know this is the Lord's will. :)
I sent tons of letter last week so I hope all of you that sent their addresses to me got it. If not, then you need to email me your home addresses because we don't have enough time in the computer every Monday. :)
I'll email y'all next week. I promise! I gtg bc we have an appointment in few minutes. So yeah, I love y'all!

~Sister Ordanza

So Elder Ballard's grandson is in my zone and when I saw him last Thursday during interview's I said to him that his grandad is now on Twitter and he's like, "o.O?!!" Haha yeah.

We're going to a Filipino party this Saturday, after JC's baptism! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

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